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Suttons Beach Pavilion Preservation Group Inc. 

Restore or Rebuild



From 21 March to 16 April 2023, the council consulted with the community on preferred building style to inform the design brief for any replacement building.


The survey sought to understand:

  • preferred ways to respect our history and reflect stories of the past in the new building and its surrounds

  • preferred ways for the building to connect with the stairs from Marine Parade and park surrounds

  • preferences for the architectural style of the new building; from Art Deco to Contemporary.


You can read the full findings here: Suttons Beach Public Space Building Style Community Survey Findings, May 2023.


The below snapshot provides a high-level summary of the findings.


Engagement snapshot:

Through 624 survey responses the community advised:

Overall, people want a BALANCE between aesthetically pleasing ART DECO and CONTEMPORARY design compatible with the sub-tropical climate.

It is most important that:

  • You can buy a coffee, a meal or an ice-cream and enjoy it sitting in the park or indoors.

  • Building design and position enhance the park and complement mature vegetation.

  • You can have free access to building spaces that provide protection from the weather.

  • Building design and position conveniently connect Marine Parade and the foreshore to allow pedestrian movement


Top 3:

Top 3 Art Deco building features:

  • Symmetrical with curved corners

  • Pale, pastel colours

  • Simple geometric detailing


Top 3 Contemporary building features:

  • Structures that create shady outdoor spaces

  • Landscaping that blurs inside and outside

  • Mix of traditional and modern materials


Top 3 ways to reflect stories of the past:

  • Features that reference Art Deco style

  • Signage with photos of original building

  • Reuse of original building materials


Please reach out if you have any questions as we will be engaging with the council about all of this findings.

Development application

We have just had a discussion with Council, and it is with great regret that I must let you know that the Development Application (DA) for the demolition of our much-loved Pavilion is about to be lodged and will be on Council’s website in the next few days. We will be discussing this and a few other matters including the recent online survey regarding the architecture of the replacement Pavilion with the Council next week. Further details will follow.

So, let me break it down for you! When it comes to development applications, they go through a standard assessment process to make sure everything is fair. The Development Assessment Rules (DA Rules) outline this process for everyone involved.


The formal development assessment process has five main parts:

• Application

• Referral

• Information request

• Public notification

• Decision

The steps in the process might change depending on the type of application. Pre-lodgment and appealing a decision are not part of the formal process under the DA Rules. Applicants can choose to modify or extend a development approval before it expires.

In this specific situation, I've been notified that there won't be any chance to submit applications in opposition. That means no one can apply to stop demolition or rebuild the Suttons Beach Pavilion due to the circumstances at hand. Another important thing to note is that if you decide to review the Development Application (DA) submission, it won't have much content until it reaches the fourth stage of the process. This means no information will be visible, as the authorities need to thoroughly assess and handle the application before making it public.

For more information, view the fact sheet on state development website.



We all knew that this was coming; but that does not in any way diminish its impact and loss. It will be the saddest of endings for a magnificent building that has seen enormous change over the years, defined our waterfront character and given so much enjoyment to our community.

But now is the time for us to consolidate our efforts and make sure that Council understands the community’s views on what we expect in the replacement Pavilion. We will make sure that the community’s voice is heard and listened to. We know that there are literally thousands of people that are keen to see the Pavilion replaced and deliver the hospitality offerings it once did and we will be drawing Council’s attention to these expectations.

Until next time and, as always, if anyone has any suggestions, ideas, or comments, please let me know.


Kindest Regards,

Jodie Starr

President- SBPPG Inc.

our story so far...



DATED- 15th MARCH 2023

Today was the day that the Council voted to proceed to the next stage of rebuilding the Pavilion.

Following the short poll we ran on the Facebook page, there was overwhelming support for Option 5 which is a 2 storey building. 92% voted for this option. We immediately fed this information back to the Mayor, along with some of the initial questions which have been raised

Option 5 is to Demolish Existing complex, build new structure with public amenities, hospitality spaces and ‘rooftop’ public space.


Today was the council vote on the following recommendations:-

1. That the outcome of the Strategic Assessment Options Analysis Report be noted. 2.

2. That the Chief Executive Officer prepare a detailed business case for both options 5 (double storey) and 6 (single storey) and provide a report and recommendation on a preferred option to Council in mid to late 2023.

3. That community consultation on replacement building façade design for options 5 and 6 commence on Tuesday 21 March 2023 and be open until 16 April 2023, with a report and recommendation on a preferred façade design presented to Council in mid-2023.

Before the vote the Mayor moved a motion so that only Option 5 proceeds to the detailed design phase and consultation phase, as there is such overwhelming support to have a rooftop area, and this passed unanimously.


There is not yet much further detail around design as there will be a short period of community consultation between 21st March and 16th April. We will urge you all to participate, as this consultation will be the one that directs decision making! We will share the link to the survey as soon as it is open.


We will be discussing with the council what the dining options will be, and will be advocating to have a dine-in restaurant/bar included, as this is not clear in the Options Analysis. It’s early days on the Rebuild so we can’t expect to have all the answers immediately, but please be sure we will be pushing this very hard. We have already given an initial written response to the Mayor, listing a few questions raised by the Facebook group. He addressed those questions today in the meeting, and indicated that there is still flexibility around proposed hospitality options, and there is no decision on this yet.


Let’s not forget that this time last year, we were faced with Toilet block and green space! With the support of all of you, we have made great strides forward in our cause of RESTORE OR REBUILD.


We still have a way to go, not least of which is funding the rebuild. Council will be going out for State and Federal funding, and we have agreed that we will also get back to lobbying for funding. Last year we established good relationships with our state and federal members, so we will get back on this particular campaign trail and arrange to meet with them again very soon.




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Once we get these survey results, we will share them with you. 

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