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We are the official group for Suttons Beach Pavilion Preservation Group Inc. who have been campaigning to Restore or Rebuild Suttons Beach Pavilion since February 2022. We have created this page for our members and the community to seek information and updates on the campaign.

About Suttons Beach Pavilion Preservation Group Inc.

Suttons Beach Pavilion Preservation Group Inc. has a Constitution, a committee and a membership list- the objects in our constitution are stated at the bottom of this post. We hold Public Liability Insurance with a limit of $20m. Our full Constitution (the legal rules by which we operate) can be found here. 


Members, (like any association) will have a say in what goes on and vote at general meetings. Because the SBPPG is incorporated in Queensland, you must be a Queensland resident, over 18 years of age and agree to the objectives below.


The existing committee will remain until the first Annual General Meeting (AGM) when nominations will be invited for committee membership (this will be 6 months after the end of the financial year of incorporation- likely December 2023)

Current Committee Members are:

• Jodie Starr ( President )

• Karen Whittam (Secretary & Treasurer)

• Shane Bowering

• Bruce Carter

• Rodney Hutchison

• Bobbi McGrath

about us

how it all started

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