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1) To lobby for restoration of the original Suttons Beach Pavilion and lobby against its demolition or, should this not be viable, to lobby for a new Suttons Beach Pavilion reflecting the Art Deco theme of the original building and incorporating any original features which can be saved, and to be used as outlined in 1(b) above

a) through discussion and consultation, have the local government

i) Acknowledge the local cultural heritage and significance of Suttons Beach Pavilion

ii) Consult with the community in a transparent and inclusive manner throughout the course of planning, action, review, evaluation and outcome processes.

iii) Work in a collegiate way with the association to consider and meet the expectations of the local community and ensure that all relevant factors are accounted for in any decision regarding planning and local development of Suttons Beach Pavilion

iv) Facilitate solutions that preserve Suttons Beach Pavilion by restoring or rebuilding this local icon complex

2) To Conserve the character and amenity of the Suttons Beach Pavilion and the site which it occupies

a) To maintain where possible Redcliffe’s seaside history

b) To ensure it provides a unique venue that can be used as a social hub for the community and its visitors, to include

i) Licensed Restaurant

ii) Coffee shop/café

iii) Fish and Chippery

And that preserves its unique location and views across the bay.

c) To ensure that any planning retains, maintains, enhances the character of the area


3) To represent a community voice in promoting transparent and effective community engagement in government decision making regarding the future of The Suttons Beach Pavilion and the site which it occupies.

a) To ensure that the views of the Group and its members are adequately represented to appropriate authorities

b) To make representations, when deemed necessary, to appropriate authorities on matters generally or specifically affecting the character and amenity of the Suttons Beach Pavilion

c) To confer, when appropriate to further the above aims, with other groups about transparent and effective community engagement

CLICK TO READ- The Constitution of Suttons Beach Pavilion Preservation Group Inc.

If you have any questions, please email us!



Jodie Starr (President)

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