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1. Is the Covey Report honest?

We believe that there is no reason to doubt its assessment of the state of the existing building. Our Technical Committee member has read all 600 pages of the Covey report, and is satisfied that the various consultants involved have produced independent assessments and recommendations.

2. Why did the SBPPG get involved in protecting this Pavilion?

A group of like-minded members of the local community were not happy that this beautiful building, which is so important to our area, should be demolished out of hand, and formed SBPPG to lead and co-ordinate a campaign to ensure that the Pavilion was either restored or rebuilt.

3. If the current buildings cannot be restored, what sort of venue will be built to replace the Pavilion?

Community feedback so far is largely that an Art Deco building replicating the existing Pavilion as closely as possible rebuilt. This will be the subject of further community consultation.

4. Does it really have to be demolished?

It seems that the existing structure is in a very poor state. A serious implication for this is that insurance for any potential lessee or business operator would likely be difficult to obtain if the building were simply repaired. Additionally we suspect that retaining a building which is compromised structurally is not sensible and would have a big impact on attracting suitable lessees. Further, much of the existing work carried out in the 60's and 2000's was not to building code and consequently makes the building almost uninsurable

5. Can't we just fix it?

It is likely that demolition of unsafe components and portions that are not to code will require the building to be virtually rebuilt anyway. Most of the remaining ‘original’ 1937 components have been built over in subsequent years and this in itself has caused further damage.

6. How long will it be before we get the Pavilion back?

This is a question we can't answer at present. Council will need to make a decision on funding priorities and what is in the best interests of MBRC Ratepayers generally. The SBPPG view however, is that it should be either rebuilt or restored to us as a matter of priority. We do believe they recognise how important this is to the community, and that they are working on costs to be included in FY24 budget.

7. Why has this process taken so long?

Assessing the viability of a building the age of the Pavilion is neither simple nor straightforward. Given the importance of this iconic building to the Community, great care has (and should) be taken in assessment.

8. Why do we favour the Art Deco design in a replacement Pavilion?

This building is iconic and unique in the region. It is widely recognised as a venue of attraction and is within an area of great beauty. Further, it is of historic value and is one of the last remaining historical buildings left to us. For the months of interaction with community members whilst campaigning, it would seem this is what the majority seem to favour too. This will however be the subject of further community consultation.

9. How much will it cost to repair or restore?

Council is presently developing budgets for this work. We expect estimates to be in the region of between $7m and $18m, but difficult to say without fully costing the scope of works.. We believe the costed options will be presented at a council meeting on 15th March, along with estimates for rebuild options.

10. Who will operate the Pavilion once it is either rebuilt or restored?

That will be a matter of the Council offering a lease to an operator. We believe they would like an element of community benefit and not merely for commercial benefit to a lessee.

11. What are the next steps?

The SBPPG will have discussions with Council around restore and rebuild based on community views and the costed options. There will be a council vote on 15th March on the Options Analysis, and a period of community consultation.

12. Can't we just have a fish and chip shop and coffee?

The SBPPG has been told by the community loudly and clearly that they want a Bar, Restaurant, Cafe and Fish and Chip outlet. A simple fish and chip shop offering coffee would be seen as a loss of facilities that were well patronised and widely enjoyed. This is what we have passed onto Council and will continue to push for.


13. Will we get what we had before February 2022?

The SBPPG has argued strongly to ensure that the range of hospitality offerings will be retained in any rebuilt or restored building. We are even optimistic that we may end up with something even better for future generations to enjoy.

14. Will we have a modern building as a replacement?

The community has been very clear that they want what we have now, perhaps with enhancements, but certainly retain the unique historical, Art Deco, feel and look. This however will be the subject of further consultation.

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